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Wasatch Weight Vest

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“How does the weight vest work?”  Your body is used to your body weight.  When you add additional weight to your body, this stresses your bones and makes them stronger.  It will also make your muscles work harder and your muscles will get stronger too.

“If I have moderate osteoporosis, should I still get this vest?”  If you have lost more than 1 1/2 inches in height, you should be concerned about wearing this vest and I would suggest you talk to your physician about this.

“What size is best for me?”  You want the vest to fit snug but not too tight.  The small vest will fit women size 4-6, Medium fits women wearing size 8-10, Large fits women 12-14.

“Will my muscles be sore?”  You may feel some muscle soreness in your thighs and back.  You will be working the muscles harder.  You should not have muscle soreness for more than 1 day.  Remember to start light and progress slowly.

“Will wearing the vest bother my knee joints?”  Strengthening the muscles in your legs helps your knees.  The vest distributes the weight evenly around your trunk and minimizes stress to your joints. 

“Will I loose weight?”  If your muscles are working harder, your metabolism will go up.  This increase in metabolism will burn more fat and you could loose body fat.  Your muscles weigh more than fat so you may see a weight gain as your muscles get stronger. 

“Will people notice my vest?” When we have worn our vests, people notice our cute vests.  They don’t realize that they have weights in them.  Everyone was shocked how heavy our vests are and how comfortable they are when they put them on.

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